Oasis Games Limited has established for 4 years round. As the first brand of issuing net-games to overseas markets in China, our products have been translated into 16 kinds of languages and spread into over 70 countries all over the world. In the year of 2015, in addition to consolidated and continuous spread of further advanced Web Games than the general standard, we built a complete game promotion platform. With a positive stance, we were actively working on the layout of global move-terminal game markets. However, this year will be a year of booming development for Oasis Games. The layout of move-terminal game markets has completed the localization. Now we are looking for more excellent products authorization and representation to bring more wonderful games to the worldwide users.


The excellent operation and marketing, and the acuity of overseas markets localization are the reasons why Oasis Games could repeatedly expand domestic great games to the world successfully and anchored in several overseas markets in such a few years. We successfully expand over 35 corresponding games to the local markets, including SRPG, RTS, Fantasy Action Adventure Game, Shooting Game, etc. Among which, Legend Online, as our flagship product developed by 7road and represented by Oasis Game, has become the most popular Chinese web game all over the world.

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