Oasis Games Limited was established in 2011 in Hong Kong, and has now set up branches in several cities in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Our games have been translated into 16 different languages and published in more than 70 countries in this planet. With more than 100 million registered players we have become the one of the best global interactive entertainment publisher.

  In 2016, Oasis Games became the first game publisher to work with Sony’s official PlayStation® platform (SIESH) in Chinese market, making us the only global Console Game Publisher in mainland so far.

  At the same time, we have continued to spread into different entertainment platforms. Our PC game “Tiger Knight” is available on Steam - the biggest PC hardcore gamer platform in the world. The game has been recommended by Steam officially and has reached top 5 on Steam’s best seller list in the first week launched in early access stage. Thus far Oasis Games has kept expanding our publishing capabilities, and we are working towards being able to publish more titles on all platforms available.

  In future, we will keep working tirelessly to find and co-operate with the best game developers domestically and overseas, providing the best gaming solutions to players around the world and becoming the first truly global games company.