“Naruto Online” Has Been Awarded “2016 Best Web Game” by Facebook

Release time:2017-1-6 20:20:20

  At the end of the year, Facebook released the 2016 Games of the Year, and Naruto Online, published by Oasis Games, rose above other games and was rewarded 2016 Best Web Game,continuing the previous success of Oasis Games flagship game Legend Online, which was rewarded “most popular game of the year 2012”! Facebook has 1,7 billion active users, more than half of which are also gamers. Facebook makes a list of the best games every year, and no doubt this list is very close to the games with the highest income that year.

  Naruto is a heavyweight manga classic with plenty of fans worldwide. As the series ended, it got an unstoppable upswing. True to the original, Naruto Online this year entered the list of best web games with bombast, showing the power of a strong brand, as well as revealing Oasis Games’ determination to “bring the best games to gamers worldwide”, which is their vision.Facebook wrote the following about Naruto Online: “In this great MMORPG, fans of the original anime series can play with their favorite characters, explore familiar places and relive the epic saga of Naruto.”

  Naruto Online official Naruto game, jointly developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Tencent Games. The settings, people, game modes, and more are all based on elements from the original manga series, you could say that it is a product of the feelings of the millions of Naruto fans out there. Currently the English, German, Portuguese and French versions of the game have been published in countries and regions in North America, Europe, Brazil, Australia,and South East Asia, and during the months it has been online, it has gotten tens of millions of players. Due to a strong brand the game quickly gathered the attention of players and became a hot topic on Facebook, which all together earned it the reward as Best Web Game 2016.

  2016 has been a year of rapid growth for Oasis Games, introducing new platforms and projects. Apart from maintaining our strong position among browser games, we are also actively entering the global mobile game market. We have also started working with Sony PlayStation®,releasing several titles for PSN and PS VR, becoming the first Chinese company publishing console games abroad. Oasis Games has at the same time started exploring other platforms. In the end of October, Tiger Knight, another Oasis Games title, was released on Steam, and made it to the top 5 most sold games, yet again proving the ability of Oasis Games to publish games abroad, and also proving that Oasis Games is capable of publishing and operating games on all platforms.

  A new beginning, a new journey. Oasis Games will spare no pains to find and cooperate more excellent developers in China and abroad, and publish even more excellent games to gamers worldwide.