Oasis Games First Title on Steam - Tiger Knight

Release time:2017-1-1 20:20:20

  On October 25, Tiger Knight, a realistic melee weapon online war game published by Oasis Games, entered the world’s largest general digital platform, Steam, and quickly made top three among new games. The game also entered the hot sales list outperforming games such as Watchdogs,Dishonored 2, and Football Manager 2017, ranking no. 6. On the same day, the game made the top 50 among all games based on players online. Entering Steam like this shows that Oasis Games are capable of publishing and operating games for large scale clients, browsers, mobile devices, consoles and Steam.

  As a well-established overseas publisher, Oasis Games has since the start in 2011 expanded from only publishing Pc games and mobile games into a publisher that can now publish and operate games on all platforms. As of today, the compay’s games have been translated into 16 languages and published in more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and South East Asia, and has more than 200 million registered users.

  Years of hard work have made us a leading browser game and mobile game publisher abroad

  Chinese browser games were the first to go abroad. Oasis Games saw the opportunity for browser games and published our first game, Legend Online, in Turkish and Portuguese in 2012.Only 4 months after going online, the game ranked top 20 most popular games worldwide on Facebook.Since this success, Oasis Games has entered more markets and published close to 30 browser games.Oasis Games now has more than 200 million registered users, has set up offices in Turkey and elsewhere, and has more than 400 excellent partners. Moreover, Oasis Games understands the power of brands. In 2016 the company gained the publishing rights for Naruto Online, developed by Bandai and Tencent games. The game is currently online in Germany, Brazil, North America, Europe, South East Asia, and Oceania, and rapidly attracting more and more players.

At the same time, following the swift development of the mobile gaming industry in China, Oasis Games has also actively entered the overseas mobile game market, with tens of high quality games including Clash of Battleships,Legend Online Classic、Super Fleets,Tank Strike and Age of Voyage. The games cover a wide array of genres, such as SLG, MMO, FPS, leisure and arena, and have all been well received. Among these Clash of Battleships has performed extra well and ranked the no. 1 game in Germany for years on end.

  Actively exploring and expanding to now cover all platforms

  At the same time as we have been working on improving our publishing of mainstream browser games and mobile games, Oasis Games has also expanded into other platforms, creating a global game publishing system. In the beginning of 2016, Oasis Games gained the rights to publish the domestically developed game “Koi” (a game which has been recommended several times in App Store and Google Play) on the overseas PlayStation® platform, as the only company in China. The game is officially released in PlayStation® Stores of North America and Europe, showing that Oasis Games is the only Chinese publisher that can publish console games abroad.

  Apart from this, Oasis Games also keeps a close eye on the latest technological developments. As Sony Released PS VR (a virtual reality device) we prepared to publish several VR games for this device, with themes such as archery, 3D pixels, horror, puzzle, and flight barrage. Currently the VR games Ace Banana and Pixel Gear are online, making Oasis Games one of only a few companies worldwide capable of publishing console games and VR games.

What is more, Steam is currently the biggest general digital game platform with more than 20,000 games and 170 million registered users. According to numbers from September 2016, there are more than 10 million Steam users in China. As Oasis Games published Tiger Knight on steam it made the top 6 on the hot sales list, proving Oasis Games’ outstanding ability to publish games abroad, and also that we have succeeded in building a publishing and operating system that covers all platforms.During all these years, Oasis Games has put localization of our products first, and adapted our games, including language, UI, graphics, payment methods and more according to the customs of our players, as well as adapted our marketing strategy according to each individual market. 2016 has been a year of rapid growth for Oasis Games. As we have finished setting up our system for publishing and operating games on all platforms, Oasis Games will spare no pains to find and cooperate more excellent developers in China and abroad, and publish even more excellent games to gamers worldwide.