"Legend Online"reached a new record of oversea servers and players

Release time:2015-7-15 20:20:20

"Legend Online" released oversea by Oasis Games as flagship product. Recently, opened an impressive achievement as a record 2,400 groups of servers, 50 million players registered. It continuously created extraordinary record of Chinese overseas single game. It stands a new index for Chinese game history.

"Legend Online" is a major RPG web game, developed by a famous web game developer, 7th Road. Its overseas market is all release by Oasis Game, include Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic etc., over 15 languages. Gamer will play the role of a city leader which leads his/her armed forces to fight against evil power that plans to take over the human domain. The game screen uses 3D rendering of 2D performance to give gamers a refined and delicate game visual experience. The early stage of Legend Online requires focus on city development, then investigative campaigns, armies recruiting and battles with the devil will gradually come. Players will experience a variety of play, either chase, flee, counter-attack or guilds war; all with the purpose of establishing one's supremacy and defeat the devil. As the storyline rolls out, the game will reveal a more and more fascinating world to be explored.

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