The Beautiful And Creative Chinese Made Game “Koi” Is Now Available

Release time:2016-12-25 20:20:20

  Pure water, pure flowers, pure pools… In 2015, the new and independent game “Koi” was released for sale in the App store of more than 100 countries, and was well received by critics. It was also the first game from China to hit this big. As of today, Oasis Games, the only Chinese company publishing console games abroad, has taken this Chinese style game to the PlayStation® platform, for players all around the world to enjoy.

For domestic players, Koi was not a completely new experience. The game had already won a crowdfunding contest hosted by PlayStation in China. As the game entered the international stage, it was the only Chinese game to get awarded “Most awaited game in 2015” at the San Francisco GDC IMGA, and the game was the runner up in the fourth GMGC’s Global Mobile Game Congress “Independent developer competition”. Only a few games can catch your attention by first glance, and Koi is definitely one of them.

Koi is an explorative leisure game, telling the story of “a fish”. The whole story has been intertwined with the different game modes, where you have to solve puzzles,collect items, develop, and more. Players will grow alongside the fish, as they dive deeper into the story and works to solve the final puzzle in this original game. But, more captivating is the atmosphere of the game. An orange little fish stirring ripples on the surface of crystal clear water, sometimes passing through droplets of dew on lotus leaves, sometimes swimming through gentle rain, accompanied by the lingering sound of music as the moon shines upon the pond, taking your mind with it up in the sky. Everything from the poetic graphics to the peaceful music has an oriental feel to it. As you follow the story line, you also make an inner journey of self-discovery, and as the little fish works hard to purify its environment, you also feel that you are on your own journey towards purification.

  Oasis Games, a company focusing on publishing and operating browser games,client games and mobile games in several locations and in several languages worldwide, has worked hard and won the right to publish Koi for PlayStation®. One reason for this is the high quality and deep contents of the game, which suits the vision of Oasis Games: “Bringing the best games to gamers”, and the solid foundation that our rich experience in publishing and operation games lays for publishing games for PlayStation®. Another reason is our support for domestically developed games. Koi represents a new dawn in the Chinese gaming industry. Just like the little fish in the game, they’re swimming against the current, never giving up.

  The results have not waited. Following the release of Koi in the North American PlayStation® Store the game has attracted the attention of PlayStation® players,prolonging the attention it got during its release, and several foreign media houses reported about the game. The well know American Tech news site Venture Beat recommended Koi in their news blog with the words: “It features a clean art style that is reminiscent of some other indie games, but at the same time it also feels unique.”

The PlayStation® blog also praised Koi: “By guiding our koi hero, you can purify the underwater world as you navigate obstacles that block your path, solve puzzles, and open flowers to restore the water’s health. Accomplishing these seemingly small tasks can turn threats into beauty.”

  The American Time Magazine said this about Koi: “Like Flower (a highly aesthetic game by TGC and Sony), Koi is as much about the zen of the journey as solving puzzles or crossing finish lines.”

But praise has not only come from media. Koi has been very well received by gamers: “It’s very attracting, and I feel relaxed when I play”, “A stubborn koi fish. Players can enter a meditative adventure through the beauty of simplicity. The game also makes you think on a deeper level and puts emphasis on humanity’s polluting of water”, “This is the first Chinese PS4 game that reaches the West, a Chinese visual masterpiece”. According to Oasis Games,they are working hard with the preparations to release the game in PlayStation® Stores in Europe, Japan, and Asia. This exquisite, original, independent Chinese made game will soon be available to gamers all over the world!

  About Oasis Games

  Oasis Games Ltd. was established in November, 2011. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, and they have offices in different countries in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. The company is publishing and operating online games, large scale client based games, and mobile online games in the whole world. They have published games is more than 70 countries and regions, and have more than 100 million registered players, making them the biggest Chinese overseas publisher. The company’s games have been translated into 16 languages and published in North America, South America, the Middle East, and Europe. Their flagship game, Legend Online,was ranked among the top 20 most popular games worldwide in 2012, and the most popular game in Turkey, South America and Eastern Europe. Following their mission is to bring the best games to gamers worldwide, Oasis Games got the publishing rights for Naruto Online abroad, bringing another great gaming experience to players all over the world.